Corina Rodriguez
Valley Girl Creative
Art Director 

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“When life hands you lemons, make beef stew.”

- Andy Milonakis

Valley Girl Creative

Art Director 


1989. Born in Fresno, CA
2015. Moved to San Francisco, CA
2019. Graduated with my BFA
2020. Looking to work with a Rad person like yourself

🍄️ Holà!

Thanks for checking out my page. I’m from the Central Valley and currently in the Bay.

I enjoy doing LOTS of things; but the thing I love most is to create. I have my BFA in Advertising and have worked with a wide range of Clients from Non-profit to Consulting Firms to small (but mighty) and big businesses.

I’m known for throwin’ a good party... by bringing the decorations even though no one asked! On my free time, I enjoy buying old furniture and restoring it. Call me old-fashioned, I am a roll up your sleeves, hands-on, type of Gal.

I would love to meet you! Let’s go for a hike or grab a cold brew and virtually chat sometime! Shoot me an email!