“When life hands you lemons, make beef stew.”

- Andy Milonakis

One in Four Chance women are on their period when doing Badass things.

Focusing on women throughout history and connecting it with women today. Periods are not meant to be ashamed of, they make us stronger!


People can learn more information and sign up to recieve a free Band Kit.


When they sign up on the site they will receive an email and we can send them a Band Kit.

Band Kit

The Band kit is a travel size kit with: Pads and Tampons, Pain relief cream and pills, feminine wipe.

Twitter Post

It is important for women to share their stories. Creating community on Twitter encourages women and Inspires them to go after their dreams.

Musuem Event

Selected posts from Twitter will be showcase in local art Musuems in honor of National Womens Month.